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Printer and Printers Maintenance Tips


Be it IBM, HP, or Ricoh Printer and Printers components that you use, it is obvious that you would like them to last long, and more importantly, render hassle-free services. Knowledge is power, and a little care towards your Printer and Printers components can add years to their life. But care doesn’t just mean heeding to what cartridges and paper you feed your paper with. It refers to many more things. Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind:

There, on the Head…
The Print head is one of the common places that cause trouble, if not taken care of properly. Anyway, you do not want to clean it every now and then. First, make sure that the printer is running regularly, at least 2-3 times a week, so that the ink doesn’t dry up. Occasionally, however, you would need to clean the print head gently with a soft cotton cloth or a Q-tip dipped in water – don’t use alcohol or tissues.

They Need to Sleep Too…
Don’t forget to turn off your printer at the end of the day. Turning off

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Computer Maintenance Tips to Regularly Follow


A smoothly working computer is a joy to work on. Not only does it gives you a good feeling but is also good for the life of your computer. It does not matter if you are using a laptop or a desktop. There are some maintenance procedures that you should follow on a regular basis to ensure that your computers are giving you an optimized function. Maintaining some things regularly will also let you prevent crashes and infections apart from keeping a faster, smoother functioning machine. A periodic schedule of some tasks can easily be performed by any user.

We will start off with physical maintenance. Cleaning the system regularly with a soft brush and a good alcohol based solution should be done once a week in the least. Keeping your computer dust free will help you get better ambience and the life of certain hardware greatly depends on it. If you have a desktop then you can read some manuals and perform some internal cleaning. Using a blower to push out dust from cramped areas even for a laptop is a good thing to do. Using

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Simple Computer Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Computer Running Fast


Personal computers have become so second nature in our lives that we often forget that they need to be maintained once in a while. We expect them to always perform at their peak, yet forget that some simple maintenance needs to be done once in a while to ensure their top performance. Here are some simple computer maintenance tips that are easy to perform.

  • First of all, never switch off the computer by unplugging it when programs are still running. Log off properly. There is one condition where you need to do this that is when your computer freezes up and the hard drive refuses to run. Other than this situation, severing the power supply can result in irreparable damage to the hard drive and permanent loss of data.
  • One of the important yet simple computer maintenance tips is having an UPS for the computer. UPS stands for Unrestricted Power Supply. This supplies power in case of sudden power cut hence your data is not lost nor does your system crash. It also protects your computer from voltage fluctuations or continuous low voltage.
  • Whenever your

Taking Care of Canvas Art Prints

There are numerous guides out there about buying canvas art prints, and those guides definitely have a solid place in the art world. However, there’s just as much to say about the care and maintenance of canvas art prints as there is about selecting a good set of canvas art prints for your home, office, or even as a gift.

Unfortunately, there’s so much focus on purchasing art that sometimes we forget that taking care of art will actually make sure that it looks as nice as it did when you first got the artwork to your home. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to really give canvas prints the care and consideration that they deserve.

First, it’s important to realize that these tips are given with the understanding that you will naturally want to show off your canvas prints. The only way to truly protect your canvas art prints from any and all damage is to keep them stored away. However, most people are not willing to give up their right to enjoy their artwork, so these maintenance tips are designed for that purpose in mind.

The greatest enemy that you will face in taking

Shopping and Maintenance Tips for Your Golf Travel Case

When traveling to distant places for a taste of their greens, it’s important that you choose the best golf travel case for your trip. Also equally important is to maintain your case with proper care in order to ensure that you’ll have a longer and happier life with it.

Shopping Tips for Your Golf Travel Case

When shopping for golf travel cases, make sure that what you end up purchasing has the following integral features:

DURABILITY – If you don’t travel all the time, a moderate level of durability will naturally be enough but if you’re the type to mix golfing with every trip you go on to then you should look for a golf travel case that’s extra durable and able to withstand all types of weather. Look for something that’s waterproof as well because you never know when it’s going to be exposed to a little wetness!

The type of material used also has an effect on the case’s durability. Cotton, for instance, is less durable than genuine leather, but leather cases have nothing to say when pitted against steel cases.

CONVENIENCE – This is arguably the most important factor to

LaserJet Toner Cartridges and Printer Maintenance Tips For Consumers

Most businesses in the UK rely on computers and printers to manage their inventory, do their accounting, handle their payroll and analyse market and business trends. We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when a computer or printer malfunctions. To avoid problems, a bit of proactive maintenance is in order. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your printer and LaserJet toner cartridges in top shape.

Basic Maintenance Procedures

If you’re not going to be using your printer for a long period, unplug it. To protect both the printer and the LaserJet toner cartridge and to save energy and money, develop the habit of unplugging your printer when not in use. An important benefit of unplugging your printer is that it helps keep the cartridge from drying out. Even the highest quality laser toner cartridges won’t perform properly in a dirty printer. So, it’s especially important to keep the print heads and nozzles clean. You can do this by removing the ink cartridge from the printer and gently wiping the print heads with a damp, lint-free cloth. Use water rather than alcohol and be sure the print heads are dry before replacing the ink toner cartridge. Also,

CD Printers Maintenance Tips

If you’ve purchased a CD/DVD printer for your business, then you need to know how to maintain it. To get your money’s worth and to ensure that the printer continues to operate properly for a long time, you must keep it in perfect working order.

One of the primary concerns that arise after equipment is purchased is how to stay on top of routine maintenance. Like any other piece of equipment, a thermal disc printer also needs attention at regular intervals. In the case of leading thermal CD printers like the Teac Auto P-55/550 or for systems like the Apollo PA7-T PC-Connected Print Station with P55 Thermal Printer, or indeed other similar printers and systems, proper maintenance is an absolute necessity in order to maintain near perfect print quality.

The service required on a thermal CD/DVD printer depends mainly on the model. This can be explained better by looking at a specific printer as a case study. The TEAC P-55 is one of the most popular models on the market, so it’s a good case in point as an example to better understand the nuances of maintaining a printer.

The P-55 thermal disc printer comes

3 Springtime Maintenance Tips for Your Central Air Conditioning System

By following the subsequent springtime maintenance tips, you will learn how to clean and maintain your AC in order to keep it running smoothly. While these tips are relatively simple and suitable for all skill levels, you should still plan to set aside about half a day to run through everything in the safest and most effective manner possible.

1. The first tip for springtime maintenance is to clean your outdoor unit (if you have one, which many people do). Begin by turning off the 240-volt power switch found in the appliance shutoff box, which is usually outside somewhere near the AC unit. If there isn’t a shutoff box, then turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Once you are sure that the power is off, you can clean the condenser coil of the unit. Inside the coil you will find a fan, which will have collected a sizable amount of dirt, dust and debris. Carefully clean the fins of the fan to increase airflow and efficiency. Keep in mind that this is something you might have to do weekly or monthly, depending on where you reside.

2. The second tip will take place after

Computer Maintenance Tips Keeping It Running Fast And Smoothly

Every house or individual has a computer or laptop these days. Every small or big shop or office has computers in order to make their work easier. Even though computers are becoming more and more user-friendly these days, still there are a lot of things which the average person may not know or understand deeply. For this reason, you might have to approach a qualified technician in case you experience a major problem with your PC. However, there are a lot of simple things you can do to take proper care of your computer.

Let us discuss a few simple things anyone can do easily which will help in proper maintenance of their windows based computers or laptops.

1. First step is to keep your hard disk neat and clean. This can really improve the performance and speed of your PC. If the hard disk is messy and not properly organized then it can slow down your PC considerably. You can easily remove unnecessary files by running Disk De-fragmenter tool. This will help in sorting the files you have in the right places.

It is recommended to do disk de-fragmentation regularly. Some people recommend doing

Laser Printer Maintenance Tips

You are proud of possessing the latest Laser Printer in the market, but is it enough? What about its maintenance? If a laser printer is not maintained properly, the very purpose of its purchase- its print resolution – is lost. An uncared for Laser Printer tends to accumulate dust and gets its cartridges clogged, rendering staggered prints. To have uninterrupted printer performance, it is vital to preserve your printer in top-shape. Here are some tips for Laser printer maintenance.

1. Cleaning the printer exterior:

• Keep the exterior of your printer clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.
• Do not use ammonia -based cleaning agents on your printer.

2. Cleaning the printer interior:

• For the printer’s interior use a dry soft lint-free cloth like a tens cloth.
• Do not use a computer vacuum to clean the printer cartridge as this may cause acute damage. Instead use a soft cloth.
• Do not touch the black spongy transfer roller beneath the cartridge with your hands. The oils secreted by your body may cause damage to the roller.

3. Cleaning the cartridge area:

• Remove the cartridge gently and keep

Several Computer Maintenance Tips

Normally I write about surveillance equipment tips and CCTV product information, but as an IT technician who does computer repairs at our retail store; I think it is a good idea to write some quick and general information about quality PC maintenance practices.

Disk Defragmentation

This above all is probably one of the best practices you can use to keep your computer running smoothly. The simple purpose of a disk defragmentation is to consolidate and optimize your system files for better access.

When a computer installs programs and files they are added at the end of the last information to be added to your file system. So as time goes on and you add and remove files, you are creating gaps in the list, and that makes it tougher for your computer to find your files; which in turn makes your load times slower. A good way to think of this is to picture a book shelf in which every time your books are taken out by your friends they are creating gaps; additionally if your friends are carefree and they disregard your organization, they will perhaps just stuff your book any place and create

Computer Maintenance Tips Doing it the Right Way

Machines can live long, even those that are human made. The statement is quite true, however, the length of years that these had depends on the way that human managed them. With this, we are highly responsible to them, and to do so, we have to ensure that they are of good condition. This is not an option somehow, for the length of the material thing depends merely to the user.

Like for computers, achieving a swifter run does not merely really depends on the model that you had with you but, maintenance as well, you have to ensure that proper care and maintenance must be given. If you had an ineffective maintenance style, then, the following might help you to do it on something better than you had before.

First thing to put in mind, make sure that you have your program protected. To do so, be sure that you had purchased an anti virus that would help you be at ease. There are different kinds that are available but make it sure that you compare the capabilities of each and also include its updating process. Moreover, provide your computer a program to protect it

Computer Maintenance Tips to Prevent Slow PC Problems

A few years back only brave souls could dare to venture into the unknown field of computer troubleshooting and maintenance. However, computer maintenance is no longer a task that can only be performed by computer experts and you do not need to carry your computer to a shop every time a problem arises. Today, thanks to the internet and great software tools, it is possible for every computer user to perform maintenance tasks to prevent PC problems before they occur. Below, are some great tips on how to speed up your slow PC and improve your computing experience.

o Clean your hard disk of unwanted files

With continuous usage, a number of unneeded files get stored on your computer’s hard disk. Run the built-in Disk Cleanup utility regularly to get rid of these unwanted files. To use this utility, go to Start | All Programs | Accessories | System tools | Disk Cleanup and then select the drive you need to clean.

o Run the Disk Defragmenter utility

In most systems, the information on the hard disk is not stored in a contiguous manner. As a result, every time a file is opened it

Simple Computer Maintenance Tips

What do you know about the perfect computer maintenance? In this case, there are many different things you need to know. Why should you maintain the great work of your computer regularly? The main reason is because it can help you to keep the good work of your computer for the long term. So, you can use the computer for years and enjoy its great functions to support your daily works. However, some people are still clueless with the best maintenance solution for their computer at home. The following explanation will tell you more about it.

The first thing you need to know about computer best maintenance tips is about the blackout possibility. What can you do when the blackout happened? Saving the data is all you need to do. But, we cannot always do it. So, we can provide UPS. It stands for the Uninterrupted Power Supply/Source. What is it for? This equipment is very useful to perform the function as alternative energy when the blackout happened. It is the provider of emergency power you can rely on. It can help you to keep the good work of the hardisk and even the motherboard due to

Computer Maintenance Tips

Blue Files and Help For Windows XP

Computer maintenance tips: Here is some help for Windows XP. Okay, we all know that sudden changes to a PC´s settings may be a sign that something’s wrong: perhaps a virus or spyware program has infected the PC, or your computer needs a PC health check to detect system errors. So I was a bit alarmed the day a bunch of my Windows XP file names suddenly turned blue. A quick (albeit kinda frantic) look around online revealed that no, XP wasn’t acting up: blue file names indicate files that haven’t been accessed in a while, and were compressed by the Disk Cleanup utility.

Cleaning A Computer Screen

When cleaning a computer monitor, you should make sure to disconnect it from a power source. You can clean dirt and fingerprints with ordinary household glass cleaner sprayed onto a lint free cloth, do NOT spray directly onto the computer screen. It is important not to get any fluid in the electrical components. Make sure you keep air vents clear from debris and paper. Obstructed monitor vents can cause monitors to overheat and even catch fire. Clean once a month

Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for You

Maintaining your computer can be complex at times, yet it is important to do so to maximize their performance. A frequent maintenance is important to keep your system running smoothly.

Following are some of the crucial computer maintenance tips that will help you enhance the overall performance of your PC:

1. Save all the working files into a single folder, at some specific hard drive location: You can even make multiple subfolders to keep your files well organized. This gives you the ability to open your files quickly, and consequently it makes your computer run faster.

2. Avoid saving your personal or important data into C drive: If your computer crashes, mostly you will need to format your hard drive to recover it. Formatting your computer will delete all the data saved on the C drive location. So, make sure that you saved all your important data at any other location except the C drive. If you have already saved your data in the C drive, you should immediately move them to some other hard drive locations.

3. Try to uninstall all the useless programs installed on the computer, mainly the big ones: If

Important Computer Maintenance Tips To Boost Speed

Do you get frustrated every time you try and use your PC? Unfortunately this is an all too common feeling and one that becomes more serious as time persists. If you want to find a solution that will allow for your PC to perform in the way that it has been designed to then you should take a moment to check out the following computer maintenance tips.

There are many factors which can result in an unresponsive PC. To start with you should ensure that no physical damage is done to the hardware. It is for this reason that no matter where you reside you should ensure that there is a UPS device between the electricity socket and the computer. This will help do away with potential damage caused by power surges.

The problems you are experiencing may be caused by too many programs and applications starting up when the computer is first turned on. Some people have the habit or filling up their hard drive with unnecessary software. By doing so you will only be causing the performance to drop. Click on your list of installed programs and see which are never used. These can

Computer Maintenance Tips to Maintain Your Computer s Peak Performance

You computer needs to be cared too, as it makes your life a lot easier. Of course, the older your PC gets, the more problems it will encounter, and this can be frustrating. Of course, if you are constantly working with your PC it is just right also to take good care of it to maintain its peak performance. Read on for some computer maintenance tips that you might find useful.

Cleaning up your disk space

Having not enough disk space in your PC may cause problems in opening programs and in the fast operation of your computer, thus it is important to clear and delete some files regularly especially those files that you don’t need. Aside from cleaning up the files and folders that you have made in your PC, it will also help to delete temporary internet files stored in your PC. These are automatically stored in your PC when you surf the internet, thus deleting them regularly will help a lot in increasing back the performance of your PC.

It is also helpful to uninstall obsolete programs and those other applications that you have never used and those that you think you

Basic Computer Maintenance Tips One Thing You Are Probably Missing

When most computer users talk about basic computer maintenance tips, they are usually referring to doing things like defragmentation, file and folder cleanup, and software and driver updates – however there is one other crucial piece of the puzzle that most people are missing, and it is the piece that can have the biggest effect on how well your computer performs.

While things like defragging and file/folder cleanup can increase your computer’s performance slightly, cleaning out your computer’s registry of corrupt and outdated entries can do wonders for it.

Your computer’s registry contains information about almost everything on your computer – from software to hardware, to drivers and DLLs and if it is not functioning properly and contains numerous corrupt entries, it will severely affect your computer’s ability to process information and perform tasks in a timely manner.

The reason your registry becomes corrupt is simply due to normal usage. When you install a program, uninstall an old one, update drivers, delete folders or files, or perform other updates, all of that information is stored in the registry. Unfortunately, as all of these tasks are performed, not all of the entries within the registry are

Computer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your PC in Top Form

When you operate a business the last thing you want to experience is continuous issues with your PC. Your PC is your ticket to business success, whether you wish to develop an email marketing campaign, maintain top social media management or make use of other online marketing strategies.

Maintaining your PC is absolutely essential and has never been easier with these top computer maintenance tips:

1. Uninstall All Programs that you are Not Using

Correctly remove all programs that you are not using from your computer to increase available space and improve the speed of your PC. Make sure you remove them correctly to avoid any errors occurring on your PC.

2. Keep all of your Working Files in Good Order

Another top way to take good care of your PC is to keep all working files in good order. Keep things stored in a categorical, organised manner to avoid getting lost as you navigate through your PC. This is not only a top way to take good care of your PC but will also save you time when searching for that important document.

3. Delete Original Zip Files

If you’ve