Basic Computer Maintenance Tips One Thing You Are Probably Missing

When most computer users talk about basic computer maintenance tips, they are usually referring to doing things like defragmentation, file and folder cleanup, and software and driver updates – however there is one other crucial piece of the puzzle that most people are missing, and it is the piece that can have the biggest effect on how well your computer performs.

While things like defragging and file/folder cleanup can increase your computer’s performance slightly, cleaning out your computer’s registry of corrupt and outdated entries can do wonders for it.

Your computer’s registry contains information about almost everything on your computer – from software to hardware, to drivers and DLLs and if it is not functioning properly and contains numerous corrupt entries, it will severely affect your computer’s ability to process information and perform tasks in a timely manner.

The reason your registry becomes corrupt is simply due to normal usage. When you install a program, uninstall an old one, update drivers, delete folders or files, or perform other updates, all of that information is stored in the registry. Unfortunately, as all of these tasks are performed, not all of the entries within the registry are updated correctly or removed if they are no longer used.

This results in a much larger database of information that your operating system needs to slug through in order to find what it needs to run tasks and programs which essentially means a slower response time.

How Do I Perform Maintenance On My Registry?

The bad news is that going into your registry and manually editing and removing entries can cause a whole slew of other issues if you are not careful.

The good news, however, is that there is software that can do it for you and it is much safer and more efficient.

Registry cleaning software is able to scan your registry for corruption and outdated entries and then either remove or fix those entries as needed. On top of that, a top of the line registry cleaner will also be able to defragment and optimize your registry much in the same manner as you can defragment your disk drives.

When your registry is clean and optimized, your operating system will be able to do what it needs to much more efficiently. This can speed up your computer by 50% or more depending on the amount of entries that are cleaned up.

After using a registry cleaner, you’ll notice your computer boots faster, runs programs faster, and generally performs better in almost any task you perform on it.

Here’s the bottom line – if you are researching basic computer maintenance tips, don’t forget about the importance of using a registry cleaner, it can do wonders for your computer’s performance.

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