Laser Printer Maintenance Tips

You are proud of possessing the latest Laser Printer in the market, but is it enough? What about its maintenance? If a laser printer is not maintained properly, the very purpose of its purchase- its print resolution – is lost. An uncared for Laser Printer tends to accumulate dust and gets its cartridges clogged, rendering staggered prints. To have uninterrupted printer performance, it is vital to preserve your printer in top-shape. Here are some tips for Laser printer maintenance.

1. Cleaning the printer exterior:

• Keep the exterior of your printer clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.
• Do not use ammonia -based cleaning agents on your printer.

2. Cleaning the printer interior:

• For the printer’s interior use a dry soft lint-free cloth like a tens cloth.
• Do not use a computer vacuum to clean the printer cartridge as this may cause acute damage. Instead use a soft cloth.
• Do not touch the black spongy transfer roller beneath the cartridge with your hands. The oils secreted by your body may cause damage to the roller.

3. Cleaning the cartridge area:

• Remove the cartridge gently and keep it aside in a dark place.
• Never leave the cartridge exposed to light or for long hours as it may become dry.

4. Cleaning the paper path:

• Use a transparency sheet to clean the paper path.
• Load a transparency in the priority input tray.
• Set the printer in the ready state.
• Press and hold the “Go” button for about 10 seconds to help the transparency to get loaded.
• The transparency is fed into the printer and emerges with the dirt and dust.
• When the printer lights blink, it means that the cleaning process is complete.
• Discard the transparency.
• In case of lack of transparency, use plain paper but repeat the process at least 3 times.

5. Cleaning the pick-up roller:

In case of frequent printer misfeeds, the pick-up roller has to be cleaned or sometimes replaced.

Removing the pick-up roller:
• Unplug the printer’s power cord and allow it to cool down.
• Open the cartridge door, remove the cartridge and identify the pick-up roller.
• Release the white tabs by pushing them away from the roller and rotate the roller frontwards.
• Now pull the pick-up roller out.

Cleaning the roller:
• Scrub the roller with a soft cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol.
• Now wipe it dry with a soft cloth to remove loose dirt.
• Dry the roller completely before installing it back.
• No alcohol should be present while installing the roller.

Laser printers are generally chosen for their top quality high precision prints and lesser cartridge refills. Maintaining a Laser printer rightly is the first step to ensuring its superb performance and output.

Pick up a few of the above Laser Printer Maintenance tips to preserve your printer and maximize its output.

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